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Utilities for Call Centers


bulletKnow what is happening with your switches all the time!
bulletDownload sites to multiple addresses
bulletPick which sites are emailed to certain addresses
bulletSend email as straight text or html
bulletReceive a separate email per switch or combine all switches into one email
bulletCustomize each report to fit your needs
bulletDownload your History
bulletDownload only your most recent events since your last run
bulletOnly download your History if an Error, Event or Alarm occurs since your last run
bulletExport all reports to CSV files for easy import into Excel or Lotus
bulletChoose to download all sites configured, or just sites that have been configured for email
bulletMonitor your Trunk Groups
bulletNew direct DDE interface into Lotus Notes for company's who do not allow direct SMTP emailing

Select HTML to see a full report layout 


This tool will give administrators the ability to receive Error, Alarm,  Event, Trunk Group and History reports via email, with the option of choosing which fields they would like to download in order to get their report to fit on their desktop, PDA, RIM, Cell Phone or any other device.


  We would like to say thanks to all of our customers who have contributed and beta tested HeadsUp 2.1 over the last year.

Input from our customers is what makes HeadsUp a successful tool for your business. With the recommendations and suggestions of our customers over the past year we have been hard at work creating a tool that will benefit almost every business need.


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