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Utilities for Call Centers


            Now the Call Flow Extract can create flowcharts for you!

  Support for SSH
Now runs on ACM4.x and ACM5.x
Email Distribution lists
Automatically Zip and Timestamp extracts
Direct COM communications

bulletDownload PBX switch call flow extracts
bulletCreate Flowcharts in Visio or PDF format
bulletReduce communications costs in troubleshooting
bulletSend electronic copies of PBX configuration to other administrators
bulletDecrease on-line time
bulletCompare PBX system configuration files between nationwide switches
bulletDocument your BSR call flows
bulletVector Variables
bulletAdd additional comments to your announcement listings such as the complete verbiage, or create your own hyperlinks to your own set of documentation
bulletAdd comment lines to your vectors. Now you can document who changed what, when, and why!
bulletAudit call flow changes
bulletCompose and view call flow extracts in either word processing or HTML formats

Select HTML to drill down on a sample call flow extract 


Need to add a few more tricks into your system administrator's hat?
    The following utilities are now bundled with the Call Center Deluxe Package:

bulletAccess over 260 different PBX commands to document your entire PBX
bulletAccess to over 50 new measurements reports
bulletCreate electronic copies of all your system configurations
bulletPaste tables directly into Excel for easy manipulation
bulletDownload your 'list history', events, alarms and errors
bulletCreate multiple download scenario's off of each site
bullet Mini Switch Audit
bulletReclaim unused configurations
bulletComplete audit's of Vectors, Announcements, Hunts and more
bullet Find Unused Extensions
bulletComplete listing of all your programmed extensions
bulletQuickly find free extensions
bulletVerify the accuracy of your dial plans
bulletVerify your list against your Uniform Dial-Plan
bullet Switch Trace
bulletRun traces without user intervention
bulletNo longer worry about switch trace time outs
bulletGather large quantities of information, enabling you to review offline
bullet CMS Site Configurations
bulletList your PC CMS configurations
bullet CMS Bulk Config
bulletFinally a tool to bulk load your Data Dictionary items directly into your CMS!
bulletBulk Add/Change/Delete either through a simple text file
bulletSynch your CMS Dictionary items directly with your switch
bulletThis new utility will help you pull your BCMS reports directly from your switch
bulletHave your reports emailed daily
bulletStore your data for further analysis
bulletPhone Phrases
bulletWhat kind of words can your DID's spell?
bulletIs your business unit looking for catchy words to dial instead of just digits?
bulletCreate a custom dictionary for acronym's matching your business

Click here for a complete list of what's new!

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